Bar Consulting Services Process and Pricing for Virtual or On-Site Coaching Sessions

Bar consulting services offers virtual and on-site bar consultant coaching sessions. Our team led by John Bowers of Mullarkeys in Cleveland, OH listens to your current challenges as bar and restaurant owners. He then delivers detailed strategies and plans for next steps. Our on-site coaching sessions take you through Mullarkey’s Irish Pub while we offer examples of best practices that are currently in place and impacting success.

The Bowers family founded Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in 1997. Pub owner, John, remains a hands-on owner to this day. He makes award-winning chilli from scratch in his kitchen each week while managing the team schedule, entertainment schedule, inventory, liquor ordering, and more on a daily basis.

His bar consulting services can include 30-minute virtual strategy sessions with bar owners as well as coaching sessions with bar managers, bartenders, custodial staff, book-keepers, marketing teams, and door staff. Schedule a virtual coaching session or on-site at Mullarkey’s. Mullarkey’s is located on the corner of Erie and Second Street and is considered one of the best Irish Pubs in the city by Cleveland Magazine.

In the News

“Since its inception, Mullarkey’s has stayed true to the Irish theme and has brought Irish tradition to Northeast Ohio.

“Bowers said the best part about being in business for this long are the people he has met through the years.”

The News-Herald (August 2021)

“Pouring a pint of Guinness is a ritual, one that few Cleveland pubs perform as religiously as Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in downtown Willoughby.

“Opened in 1996, Mullarkey’s is also one of the only pubs in Cleveland with Guinness’ Gold Certification.”

Cleveland Magazine (March 2019)

John Bowers, president of the association and longtime owner of Mullarkey’s, says the quarterly pub crawls “give people something fun to do while introducing them to downtown Willoughby and its many different bars and restaurants.” (January 2019)