Bar Consulting Services

Bar Consulting Services

We help owners, management teams, and staff in the bar and restaurant industry

We don’t create your bar management strategy. We don’t teach you the bar management strategy that worked for us. We help you develop your bar management strategy.

Our team of bar owners and business leaders ask questions that spark new ideas and revenue streams. We help your bar increase revenue without spending money by creating new systems and processes that make your bar or restaurant more efficient.

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Bar consultant and Pub owner John D. Bowers helps bar and restaurant owners identify, implement and manage strategies that have been proven to help owners accomplish their dreams of a profitable business. His team of coaches outline best practices for inventory management, point of sale systems, entertainment schedules, accounting, advertising, bookkeeping, training, digital marketing, and more.

Bar consulting services help owners optimize their skills as creators. Our team delivers real-life strategies and examples of how to manage unforeseen expenses and dramatic changes of the economy. Bowers can walk you through 25+ years of experience and show you exactly what he did in response to a similar challenge. He can also review your current challenges and deliver recommendations for next steps and future planning.

Bowers founded Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in 1996 and is currently a hands-on owner who cooks award-winning chili manages the employee schedule. He also founded the bar and restaurant association in a Downtown, Willoughby District that has grown into one of the most popular entertainment districts in Ohio. On the corner of Eire and Second Street, Mullarkeys has seen the downtown area grow from just three bars when Mullarkey’s first opened to over 25.

Bar consulting sessions with John and his team of coaches could also include coaching sessions with bar managers, restaurant managers, bartenders, custodial staff, book-keepers, marketing teams, and security. Our trainings could be done virtually or on-site at Mullarkey’s in Cleveland, OH. Mullarkey’s is located on the corner of Erie and Second Street and is considered one of the best Irish Pubs in the city by Cleveland Magazine.

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Empowerment Dynamic Strategies for Bar Consulting

John D. Bowers is a graduate of the University of Dayton. As a former football coach and teacher, Bowers offers empowerment dynamic strategies for bar owners. He is a positive thinker who sees others as creators and helps challenge them to succeed with both wisdom of 25-years in the Pub as well as the support and love of your favorite coach.

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Photo by Victor Clime on Unsplash 

The News-Herald (August 2021)

“You have to be there and you have to be a part of the business. I’ve been hands-on the entire time and that is the key because no one is going to care as much as you care.”

– John D. Bowers

Coach and Pub Owner