10 Strategies For a Successful Irish Pub

Running a successful Irish pub takes more than just a love of all things Irish – it also requires a strong business sense and a clear plan for attracting and retaining customers. We’ve outlined those strategies for making your Irish pub a success below, from offering a unique atmosphere and serving authentic Irish cuisine, to hosting events and building a sense of community. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing pub to the next level, these tips can help you achieve your goals.

Tips for Irish Pub Owners:

Embrace Irish Culture: Irish pubs are popular for their unique atmosphere and culture, so it’s important to create an authentic experience for customers. This can include decorating with Irish memorabilia, serving traditional Irish food and drink, or having events to support Irish soccer, rugby teams and Gaelic football teams.

March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade: If you are an Irish Pub looking to spread the word about your business, marching in the St. Partick’s Day parade in your city could help. Having a picture of your staff marching in the parade inside the bar can help establish your pub as an authority on all things Irish culture.

Offer Traditional Irish Food: In addition to offering a wide selection of beers, it’s important to offer traditional Irish dishes such as Irish stew, colcannon, shepherds pie, and bangers and mash. These dishes can help create an authentic Irish pub experience for customers.

Irish and Local Beers on Tap: Irish pubs are known for their selection of beers, so it’s important to offer a variety of Irish and local beers on tap. Consider partnering with local breweries to offer unique and exclusive beers from your area along with Guinness and Harp.

Host Live Music: Irish pubs are often associated with live music and entertainment, so consider hosting events such as open mic nights or live music performances. Hiring the best Irish music performers in the area can establish your bar as a premier Irish Pub.

Use Social Media: Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your pub and attracting new customers. Consider creating a Facebook page or Instagram account to share updates, specials, and events with your followers. This social media platform can also share stories about Irish history or videos of your staff marching in the parade.

Create Welcoming Atmosphere: Irish pubs are known for their cozy, relaxed atmosphere, so it’s important to create a comfortable and welcoming space for customers. Consider adding comfortable seating and warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere or a gas fireplace.

Special Occasions Destination: Irish pubs can be a great place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties. Consider promoting your pub as a destination for these types of events and offering packages or specials for groups.

Partner with Local Irish Organizations: Consider partnering with local Irish organizations or cultural groups to help promote your pub and attract new customers. This can be a great way to build a sense of community and create a connection with the local Irish community.

Wide Variety of Irish Whiskey: You can’t just have Guinness on tap to call yourself an Irish pub. You need to make sure you have an wide variety of Irish Whiskey too. This should include Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Powers and others.

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